A Note from Craig Harms:

Dear Future participants,
Unlike any other seminar or workshop, the Pyware Design Retreat sponsored by Arts Empowering Life has maintained its uniqueness and power for the past 11 years by…

  • Integrating innovative design concepts with the most comprehensive instruction utilizing Pyware 3D Design Software
  • Offering opportunities to interact with a varied participation pool of directors, drill designers, and color guard and percussion caption staff members
  • Creating a 5-Star relaxed environment that guarantees creativity and Pyware software skill development
  • Providing Skype sessions with the most knowledgeable specialists in the field of visual design and Pyware 3D software

It is important to the instructional staff you leave with having not only developed a better and practical understanding of the process of visual design, but with “actual material” that will benefit either your own program or programs you will be working with.