The Human Spirit Emboldened for Change

Spirit WP
Wins Silver at WGI World Championships
Gloriae Dei Cantores
- Singers to the Glory of God
Spirit of America
- Instrumental Theatre: in motion
Elements Theatre Company
- The Cherry Orchard
Spirit of America
- Fife & Drum Corps
Gloriae Dei Cantores
- with Munich Symphony
Spirit of America
- Marching Band
Elements Theatre Company
- Julius Caesar
Spirit of America
- Wind Ensemble

Mission Statement

Welcome to Arts Empowering Life, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to the pursuit of beauty, truth, and faith, in the Arts — sharing inspiration and education with people across many nationalities, cultures, and traditions


Spirit of AmericaGloriae Dei CantoresElements Theatre CompanyOrgan and Brass


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How You Can Help

Support the Arts


The work of Arts Empowering Life is made possible only through your generous gifts.
You have the opportunity to bring hope and joy to others and to enrich the lives of youth through music and the arts. Support the uplifting work of the various arts groups and individual artists of Arts Empowering Life Foundation.
Arts Empowering Life is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.


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Please call Mary Jackson,
Development Officer at 508-255-3999

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Corporate Sponsorship

Businesses and Professional Friends of Arts Empowering Life make lasting contributions to the arts, and are vital to raising the funds necessary to continue the mission of beauty and truth celebrated in the arts. Your company’s gift to the Arts Empowering Life Foundation makes it possible to enrich the lives of thousands of people each year around the world.

    Each year businesses and corporate contributions help Arts Empowering Life to:

  • – provide free tickets to students 18 & under to all performances
  • – perform free concerts and assemblies for students at schools
  • – conduct classical music workshops for students
  • – promote youth participation in performing arts
  • – sustain a vibrant year-round community on Cape Cod
  • – train musicians, actors, and dancers


Make a Bequest in Your Will:

A will is a legal expression of declaration of an individual’s wishes as to the disposition of his/her property after death. You may wish to include a gift to the Arts Empowering Life Foundation, Inc. in your will. In order to make a bequest, please include the following language in your will: “I give, devise, and bequeath to Arts Empowering Life Foundation, Inc. of Orleans, Massachusetts (here insert the amount of money or description of property).” This language can be added to an existing will very easily and at minimal expense. A lawyer is recommended to provide assistance in drafting or amending a will. As always, please consult with an estate planning attorney or other qualified advisor regarding a will, or other legal instrument which may best suit your needs.

Purchase a Charitable Gift Annuity:

A Charitable Gift Annuity may allow you to contribute to the Arts Empowering Life Foundation, Inc. while fulfilling your own personal and financial objectives during your lifetime. Through a Charitable Gift Annuity, you may transfer cash or property to Arts Empowering Life Foundation, Inc. to pay you a specific amount each year during the remainder of your life. You would receive a lifetime income, generally between 6% and 11.5% depending on your age. You get a tax deduction, tax free return of principal, and defer capital gains tax if funded with appreciated assets. Part of your gift helps the Arts Empowering Life Foundation, Inc. right now.


Many thanks to donors who have given generously
to support the Arts Empowering Life mission



Around the World

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Thank you for your patience. This page is in the process of being updated to reflect all the place we have visited, and lives we have touched. Feel free to visit us again as more information gets added.

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